Member Spotlight: Caroline Rodriguez

Thank you Caroline Rodriguez for the impressive work and dedication you are giving to the Greater Texas Chapter. You are bringing awareness of our chapter to your community in South Texas and gaining allies for this amazing group of members at Greater WICT Texas.

We had the honor of interviewing Carol and learn what drives her to continue to be a rock star in life and her career.

How has WICT impacted your personal and professional life?

WICT has impacted both my personal life & professional life in more ways than one.

It has given me the endless support & strength I needed to finish my bachelor’s degree in business management. The juggling act of balancing full time school, full time work, and family life could not have been possible without the right support network. I have had the pleasure in participating in the mentorship program within WICT Greater Texas and was able to meet with an amazing mentor once a month for 6 months. This was so beneficial to me as it helped keep me focused and motivated throughout my academic and professional career. I recently graduated with my bachelors of science in Business management on March 4, 2023 from Western Governors University online college.

I had the pleasure of also being a part of the “Lean in Circle” program within the WICT organization. This allowed me the opportunity to network with leaders from all over the cable industry and discuss important career development topics that helped me establish myself as a leader within my own department. This contributed to my success in getting promoted into a new leadership role on January 6, 2023 within the Field Operations Contractor management department for Charter Communications in the South Texas Region. Both accomplishments I know were heavily impacted by the amazing support I received from the WICT Greater Texas network.

What is your proudest moment?

My proudest moment is graduating with my Bachelor’s degree in front of all my family. It has always been a life-long dream of mine to be the first in my family to graduate with a bachelor’s degree. I walked the stage to accept my degree and looked out into the audience to see my greatest support network cheering me on. My proudest moment is realizing all my hard work & dedication had finally paid off and knowing I am setting a great example for my kids to look up to. I have become an inspiration not only for my children but for everyone around me as I share my story of how I persevered through many obstacles and made a dream become a reality. 

A recent motivational, proud moment for me was being reached out to by a frontline employee from my department and being informed that my story inspired him to go back to school. This little bit of information brightened up my day and helped me realize my purpose in life is to inspire & serve others in being a selfless leader.

What keeps motivating you in your career to be successful?

I live to inspire others and stay motivated in my career knowing I can make a difference in the lives of those around me. I enjoy seeing others succeed in their career journey.

I am motivated in helping others build a strong professional support network. I hope to expand my abilities as an inspirational leader to assist others in being successful in their career journeys.

I am happy & proud to be an elected Board Member for WICT Greater Texas as a Co-Chair Membership representative. I will have the opportunity to reach & assist a wide range of individuals within the cable industry as well as learn from other inspirational leaders.

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