Member Spotlight: Mandy Schultz

Please meet WICT Greater Texas’ Vice President: Mandy Schultz. Mandy has been key to the success of our chapter by bringing an innovative, interactive and a resourceful programming to the chapter. She was recently recognized by WICT for the 2022 Chapter Leader of the Year.

In 2022, she led the Chapter’s programming by inviting prestigious speakers and leaders such as Steve White and Susan Packard. While also partnering with organizations like Texas Cable Association (TCA) and DeVry University in a series of webinars to provide industry knowledge and insights to our members. She also moderated the chapter’s events, including our first in-person event in Houston: Empowering Women to Take Risks.

Thank you Mandy for all the passion and commitment you give to WICT Greater Texas! Learn a little more about Mandy on our latest interview with her.

What’s the best advice you would give to new women leaders?

Be fearless.  Be bold.  Use your platform to lift others up.  We have to promote, encourage and look out for one another.  Take credit where it is due but never forget the team it took to get you through your journey.  Do not back down to the opportunity to be bold and fearless in your circle and continue to expand that circle.  Encourage others, make them comfortable to use their voice and guide them how to use that in a positive impact.

What is your proudest moment in her career?

Winning WICT Chapter leader of the year has been a true highlight in my career.  To leave my comfort zone years ago and find a great group of women who are all powerful and full of ideas, energy and positivity has been wonderful!

Tell us about an inspirational moment in your career:

You can do anything!  No matter what others say, prove them wrong!  I was told once I was a future mother and I could not expand my career.  This did not settle with me,  I have proved them wrong ever since that comment.  As a mother of 4, balancing career and personal can be tough but that is what makes women exceptional – we can do so many things and succeed!  Ensure you care for yourself the same way you care for other.

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