Larsell Ray

Larsell Ray is a highly accomplished professional hailing from Arp, Texas. After graduating from high school, Larsell began his career as a Corporate Trainer for JDS restaurants, where he honed his skills in training and development for nine years. In June 2014, he joined forces with Time Warner Cable, now Charter Communications, and within seven months, he was promoted to Residential Facilitator for the Technical Support Department.
During his seven years in this role, Larsell attended a two-week boot camp session to sharpen his skills and focus on his career advancement opportunities within his new role. He quickly rose to become the number one facilitator in his market between 2016-2017, and later received his certifications as a Facilitator and Supervisor Developmental Mentor. With these accomplishments, Larsell has been able to undertake a variety of roles and projects within Learning and Development, becoming a respected professional with extensive experience in implementing highly successful training programs encompassing a broad range of business-critical topics.
Larsell’s ability to identify and build relationships with key subject matter experts to continually refine training offerings and ensure full alignment with corporate objectives has been a key factor in his success. He thoroughly assesses training outcomes to determine gaps and shortcomings and leads necessary changes to expand and enhance results.
On May 28th, 2021, Larsell transitioned to the Chat Support side of the business becoming the first facilitator to conduct the T3 and becoming the Billing Chat SME for the El Paso and Morrisville chat sites. On May 13th, 2022, he transitioned fully to the Operation side of the business as an Overnight Billing Leader to advance his understanding of data/numbers, reporting, and analytics. As an Overnight Leader, he has the luxury of leading overnight projects/meetings and continues to share his leadership skills across the organization.
Larsell’s passion for learning and development, his strong leadership skills, and his ability to consistently exceed expectations make him a valuable asset to any organization. In his spare time, he enjoys spending quality time with his loved ones, meal prepping, making organic pressed juices, traveling to new places, and karaoke.