Tiffany Vela

Tiffany Vela is a Project Manager, Field Operations with Charter Communications’ Texas Region. In her current five-year role, she directs the project management, launch, and implementation of Charters’ Field Operations products and services. In her previous 17 years in the industry, she worked with Time Warner Cable overseeing the PMO office, Special projects and served as the Customer Care Billing manager.

Tiffany’s seven years serving WICT Greater Texas has allowed her to mentor many through the Inspire Mentor program, serve as the Lone Star Awards (LSA) Volunteer Chair, and she is now excited to occupy and contribute in her new role as the Sponsorship and Fundraising Chair. Tiffany is excited to help others CONNECT and grow through her work with members, partner vendors, and industry leaders.

Tiffany has a Bachelor of Business Administration, Management from the University of Texas, San Antonio in San Antonio, Texas, and a Master of Business Administration, from Western Governors University, Texas.

Tiffany and her husband Mike have two adult children, Madeline and Trey, who enjoy RVing around the state and spending time with family and friends.