Caroline Rodriguez

Caroline Rodriguez is a Contractor Support Coordinator within Engineering Field Operations for Charter Communications Inc. for the South Texas Region. In her current 6 year role she is responsible for day to day operations, reporting, special projects (All-digital conversation), & contributions to the successes of contractor management. In her previous 5 years within Time warner cable, she worked as a quality advocate overseeing & listening to the quality of recorded calls within the customer care billing call center. Caroline is on her 3nd year within WICT-Greater Texas, she has been involved as a mentee within the Inspire Mentorship program & an active participant within the lean in Circle.

In utilizing Spectrum’s tuition reimbursement benefits to continue her education, Caroline is currently attending Western Governors University and scheduled to graduate on January of 2023 with a Bachelors in Business Management. She was recently inducted in the National Honor Society of Leadership & Success within WGU and Caroline has been awarded the advanced Leadership Certificate within NSLS for her undeniable leadership skills & abilities.

Caroline is always eager to learn, grow, & help others anyway she can. She is driven and motivated to make a positive impact everywhere she goes. She always has a positive attitude and continuously welcomes a new challenge as learning opportunity.

Caroline and her husband John have 3 children, (Sydney, Brandon, & Madilyn) and enjoy barbecuing while spending time with family and friends.